Titleholder Responsibilities

The North Carolina Boot Black  titleholder will be expected to be a visible member of the North Carolina Leather and Kink community throughout his/her title year demonstrating the "Art of Boot Blacking" while fullfilling his /her chosen title platform.

The titleholder will be expected to attend a minimum of 10 Leather/BDSM/Fetish and LGBT-Q events  or groups within the state and region.

To support these groups through education, assistance with fundraising, and/or the sharing of ideas and experiences.


    The  North Carolina Boot Black titleholder should be willing to speak to all segments of the North Carolina Leather/BDSM/Fetish community; with the understanding that he/ she is representing an all inclusive and diverse  title.

    The  North Carolina Boot Black  titleholder is expected to maintain contact with the contest producer(s) throughout the title year to keep them informed of titleholder activities.

    The titleholder will have the full support of the contest producer(s) throughout the title year.The. North Carolina Boot Black titleholder will be expected to assist with contest publicity as well as the publicity for any events associated with the NC Leather Weekend- Unity & Understanding / NC Boot Black Contest throughout the year.

    The North Carolina Boot Black titleholder will receive a travel fund minimum of $250 ( Two Hundred and Fifty Dollars ) that  will not exceed the maximum amount of $500 ( Five Hundred Dollars.




    CLICK HERE FOR FURTHER CONTESTANT DETAILS AND APPLICATION If there are any questions regarding the North Carolina Boot Black contest, please feel free to email



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Congratulations  "Tidbit"


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