Allow us to take this time to share information regarding the  NCL Weekend-Unity & Understanding Event.

The Director and Producer(s) of this event has acknowledged throughout the years that the growth and needs of our BDSM ( Leather, Kink, S/M, M/s, Fetish, LGBT, POC, Queer, and etc.) community in both the states of N.Carolina and S.Carolina have grown in a vast manner.

Upon the rebirth it was choosen this annual event would become an event focusing upon involving both North & South Carolina along with our neighboring states.

Our community is a very diverse community as we grow we must try to embrace inclusivity with open minds toward positive community growth.

The established goal of this event has not changed for it will allow many in the community to use this event as an avenue toward sharing awareness, knowledge, and positive information.

This event will be held for the community, by the community, to assist the community.

With many of this event's original coordinating members no longer presently with us in the BDSM community to see that NCLWUU be a success.

Now during the rebirth a NEW all inclusive diverse event coordinating committee has been established to assure the success of NCLWUU's mission is fulfilled for the goodwill of our community.


  NCLWUU now  needs the  assistance from the community from  those seeking to assist  during the event weekend. 



 NCLWUU-2013 invites those  individuals and organizations through out the community to feel free to take part with the activities planned for the 2013 event weekend.

  • Host a Social  Cocktail Party
  • Bake a Cake Auction Donations
  • Become a sponsor


    NCLWUU-201 has a limited amount of sponsored event packages for those seeking to assist with sponsorship toward the 2013  event weekend.  

  • Event Sponsorship
  • T-shirt Sponsor
  • Run Pin Sponsor
  • Advertising Sponsors





All volunteers   are required to work 4 or more hours during the weekend inorder to recieve a sponsored volunteer package.

  • Setup /Break Down Crew
  • Runners 
  • Medical /Security Crew
  • ASL Interpreter  


    Please feel free to contact NCLWUU should you find a place of interest  toward assisting the committee in some manner.


All in Love,

NCL Weekend- "Unity & Understanding"

There is a need for volunteers please contact.




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