The North Carolina Leather Weekend –Unity & Understanding /NCLW-UU  event was established in 1995 with a platform based upon DIVERSITY.

The goal of this event is to bring together the many communities (Leather, Kink, Fetish, LGBT-Queer, Pansexual Poly, Het) and ethnicity together annually for one weekend. Allowing each attendee more in-depth understanding of others, that one may never have the opportunity to meet.

This event offers many from within the states of North Carolina, South Carolina, and neighboring states the experience of ;  learning, information, communication, fellow shipping, and to live in one weekend the true meaning of Diversity.

Each year this event will hold an interactive community classroom. This is called a “Class Room Lockup”. The objective of the interactive class room is to assist with creating a more proactive, productive, and constructive alliance from within the North and South Carolina BDSM community.




"No man has to agree with another yet learn to accept the differences of another. To open the door of Unity is when others begin by Understanding and accepting differences; allowing steps along a pathway toward Diversity. It is Diversity that can assist positive growth, wealth, and strength in a community not ignorance nor selfishness."

 - Sir LedonTre 

The Director/ Producer of this event spoke those above during the

1995 Durham, NC Pride March.

 It was with those words; the birth and vision of an all inclusive diverse gathering, gained support from many as it, and began as a grassroots organization.


During the year 2000 this event held and produced the North Carolina Leather Contest, which held 3 titles (Leather Man/ Woman, Leather boy/girl, and Leather Boot Black) until the year of 2004.

Now, after its 8 year hiatus NCLW-UU will hold and produce the North Carolina Boot Black contest once again.


Those that have been a part of the NCLW-UU's past and present continue to see that this event, be a positive asset toward the needs of community.

In 2012 and years to come this event shall evolve with the goal to assist both North and South Carolina, states toward a positive, productive, and strong community.


This Event Organization is registered with The North Carolina Secretary of State as an Incorporated Non-Profit Organization.

NCLW-UU is in the process of seeking to establish its FEDERAL 501(c) (3) status.

It has been chosen to donate portion of the event's funds raised to the





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